Is anyone designing for the Pamphlet Dungeon Jam?


This jam has been running since the start April but has just been extended by a few weeks.

Is anyone planning to create something for it?

I’ll be writing up my notes for a site called Recluse of the Piper where a hermit once collaborated with an extraplanar cephalopod in the creation of a psionic poison. Not yet sure if I’ll have stats for Troika! with it or append a tiny new ruleset to make use of my new d3


Running this at basically the same time as the One Page Dungeon Contest seems… I dunno… like inviting unnecessary drama… or something? Like, my first reaction should have been “awesome, a new contest for short term stuff!”. Instead, it was “why would they launch this simultaneous with the One Page Dungeon Contest?” and then I sort of forgot about it.


To be fair, I’d forgotten about the 1PDC this year (I often do with themeless contests), but I can see the timing to be a little odd yes!


I posted my silly little pirate game Avast there, because I’d done it as a tri-fold pamphlet. Of course, it’s not actually a dungeon so I don’t know if it counts.