ISO: RPG-related newsletter

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There’s this and other forums. There’s RPG-related Slack groups and Discord servers. There’s hundreds of podcasts. Anyone know if there’s a good weekly or monthly delivered-to-your-inbox newsletter (like from about tabletop RPGs?

Any particular type of info you’re interested in? I enjoy More Seats at the Table for seeing new products coming out and crowfunding campaigns and stuff like that. (It’s Patreon-funded, but the newsletter is free; there’s a signup link on the front of the Patreon page.) Johnn Four has been running Roleplaying Tips for years now, and you can get that by email. Tabletop Bellhop has a weekly newsletter; it leans toward board games, but there’s occasional RPG news and such. Dicegeeks has a mailing list and they frequently include free fantasy city maps and random tables and stuff like that. I may remember more as things show up in my inbox. :slight_smile:

So the short answer is “yes,” but was there something in particular you were looking for?

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Thanks for the response! These are great to get me started. I’m not sure I had anything in particular in mind – though I do like getting insights into the design process and dissecting mechanics. I subscribe to newsletters for other things in my life, but not for RPGs, which is why I was asking. (Though, now that you mention it, I do get DiceGeeeks.)

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This may be wandering from what you were asking, but I feel it’s worth noting that for design process and analysis, I generally think of blogs first, which admittedly are usually more single-perspective things than multifaceted discussions like you’d find on a forum. But I bring it up because many blogs allow you to subscribe via email if you’re not into using a newsreader, so the mechanism is at least similar even if the format is not.