Issues seeing All New/Updated Topics


Anyone else having to swap between “Latest” and “New” tabs in order to make sure you aren’t missing out on any posts on the site? It seems like items in one category don’t appear in the other, so if I don’t check both, I’ll miss out on comments or new topics.

I really with it was a unified “show me all New topics & updated posts” option.


You could do Unread.


I do use unread. The issue is that one will display only topics I havnt ever read, and the other will display only items with replies that I have previously read


I’m having similar difficulty navigating Latest/New, but so far I’ve been chalking it up to getting used to the how the hierarchy works. :slight_smile: So…less frustration than confusion for me, but it’s some kinda pain point. I agree that a unified view would be helpful.


Ummm… so… ‘Unread’ really isn’t that? That’s confusing. Is there no actual way to flag new posts inside threads?


Here’s an explanation of what the diffent views mean:

I don’t know if there is a perfect option for everyone…