It All Ends in Tears - My Fiasco for Monsterhearts

I’ve had a great deal of fun - and great deal of success - running Monsterhearts campaigns for non-gamers now, over the last decade or so.

However, for a long time I struggled with the genre. Worse yet, I didn’t want to leave players floundering. So I made myself a tool, and it’s become my secret weapon for playing the game. It’s been tremendously engaging and satisfying, and I’ve used to jump-start three full-fledged M<3s campaigns by now.

It’s a Fiasco-style playset I wrote specifically for Monsterhearts, with slightly modified procedures.

Simply throwing it down onto the table gets people’s attention, and they usually want to play immediately! (“What’s that?!? I want to play!”)

Some of the playset doubles as a random generator during play, as well (for instance, to create a new classmate, I’ll often just roll up a Reputation for them).

I’ll share it here, in case someone else can get the same joy out of it that I have!


Great idea! Have downloaded!

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Thanks! I know the instructions might not be 100% clear, since this is something I just myself; please feel free to ask for clarifications here!

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Ooh, this is really cool! Thanks for posting it!

You’re very welcome!

I had a lot of fun writing it, and it’s been great in play as well. If anyone else uses it, I’d love to hear how that goes!