Jeremy Strandberg’s Stonetop: Status?

Does anyone know what the status of @Jeremy_Strandberg’s Stonetop is and whether it’s still possible to get playtest or early release versions of it to play?

It looks like Stonetop might be in that creative valley where its mostly done but hasn’t yet made it to the top of Lampblack & Brimstone’s list of projects to publish next.

I’ve googled around before asking but can’t work out or how to get in touch with JS and ask him directly. I know he’s active on here sometimes and I’m guessing some of the playtesters might be too.


Yeah, we’re totally still taking playtest groups. I’ve generally been asking groups to commit to playing at least 3 sessions and providing feedback.

If that sounds like you, send me a DM here with your email address, name, pronouns, and any other info you think I should have. I’ll be in touch.



Hi @Cherry_Nick – Happy to hear you’re interested in the game. Stonetop is in fact at the top of L&B’s project list, and has been for a while. It’s just Jeremy and me and our artist, though, so it’s been taking us a long time to get it into shape. That being said, I can see the Kickstarter launch on the horizon…