Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall


I want to make sure that folks know that “Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall” by Banana Chan & Sen-Foong Lim dropped today on Kickstarter. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jiangshi/jiangshi-blood-in-the-banquet-hall/description

This is the kind of game that the hobby/industry needs. It is designed by two Asian designers and deals with the Chinese-American experience. Plus: Hopping vampires!

Here’s the brief intro from Kickstarter:

"This is a game about a Chinese family making their living by running a restaurant in one of America’s Chinatowns, circa 1920. Despite societal backlash and anti-Chinese laws, they have turned a profit and their quality of life has recently improved.

Night, however, brings a new terror.

Players take on the roles of members of the Chinese family (mostly from Guangdong province), spanning three generations, who face threats of jiangshi (hopping vampires) at night and racism by day. It has players balancing the responsibility of maintaining their family business with protecting themselves and their community from the dreaded Jiangshi. This is primarily a game about storytelling. Combat is limited, but horror, drama and sometimes comedy are the primary vehicles for driving the game forward."

I will add that there is some very innovative design work here, as well. The game makes use of a centralized play board (“restaurant board”), separate character boards, and playing cards. I love the visual/tactile board game influence here!

I encourage Guantleteers to check out the Kickstarter and help push Jiangshi over the finish line on its first day!

You can check out the Asians Represent Podcast actual play of Jiangshi here: https://youtu.be/EhsWv_NAoMo.


Hell yeah! I’m super hype for this game!


This looks super cool.

Are you part of the team publishing it @Larry_S?

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Oops, sorry, I missed your message! To answer your question: Nope
, I’m just an enthusiastic supporter! :slight_smile:

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