July One-Shots: Candlelight - The Mossy Tomb

July One-Shots: Candlelight - The Mossy Tomb
When: Thursday 7/8/2021, 8:00 PM EDT (UTC -4)
Sessions: 1
Players: 3
Content Warnings: Death, regret

Candlelight is a roleplaying game where the restless spirits of dead treasure hunters reckon with their dark past and seek hope in a haunted forest that wants to claim them for itself. Each game begins at the end of the characters’ journey, in the moments after their deaths. Renewed as spirits, deep in the dark heart of the forest, they retrace their steps to escape the vicious horrors that would turn them into kin. In this incursion, we find out what happens to the spirits of a party who failed to claim the treasures of The Flocculent Cathedral (an incursion for Trophy Dark.)

Technology: We will be using the facilitator’s Zoom for video chat, a shared Google Sheet as a character keeper, and a shared dice roller.
RSVP Open Access: 6/22/2021, 8:00 PM EDT
Recording: With the consent of the players, we will record this session. The facilitator will make the recording available to players for review, and with their consent, will post the video (or audio only if preferred) for public viewing.
Safety Tools: The X-Card, Lines & Veils, and Open Door are all in-play.
Experience Required: None. All rules will be taught at the table.