Keepers of the Cards [oneshot]

This one shot game is scheduled for 3 hours. I will email everyone a week ahead to confirm attendance. Sessions will be recorded through Zoom for reference, but only released for public consumption if all players consent.

Keepers of the Cards is a story game that is inspired by the slice of life and sweetly magical anime like Cardcaptor Sakura and others from the magical girl genre. But you do not need to be familiar with either to enjoy this game!

This is a Descended from the Queen game that focuses on the relationships between the Keepers, their struggles to balance magic and school responsibilities, and the connections between magic users and magical creatures. Players draw prompt cards and answer them as they like, weaving a story together.

The final question asked of our Keepers will be: Will you free the creatures of magic or will you claim this deck of power for yourselves?

Safety tools : A descended from the queen games comes with the x-card built into it, but we will be using script change, lines and veils, and an open door policy. We can change these tools to whatever suits the table best. This game follows The Gauntlet’s Inclusivity Policy.

ONE SHOT: 2020-06-30T01:00:00Z