Kickstarter confirming creator identity again every time?


For those people who have run more than one kickstarter campaign - is it normal for kickstarter to go through all the ‘confirm who you are’ malarkey on your second campaign as if you had never registered with them before?

I ran a successful kickstarter back in 2016, and I’m using the same identity to set up the next campaign and they are all ‘who are you, send us your passport, what is your bank details’ - all stuff that they gathered the first time around.

I’m curious whether this is standard operating procedure and everyone who has done more than kickstarter sees it, or if they’ve got their wires crossed somewhere along the line.

Anyone got experiences they care to share?


They had me do it when I was setting up our sixth, so don’t expect it to go away I guess :confused:

In a way it’s a step up. Back when I ran my first in 2012 it actually locked your account down with your bank info and everything. I had to make an entirely new account because I had to use a different bank account for my second one.


Yup. Pain in the bum.


How long before launching a Kickstarter would you all recommend making the page for it, in order to avoid delays from all this stuff?


If you want to be super safe, I’d say 6 days since a couple of the steps say it can take up to the 3 days. I did have one step take 2 days, but that’s by far the longest it’s ever taken. So I guess maybe min 3 max 6 to be safe?


It can take up to three days to confirm identity and up to three days to confirm bank details; I’d certainly get all the personal and bank stuff done as early as possible - you can always go back and edit your story etc.