Kickstarter for A Cool And Lonely Courage launching on 7th May


I’d like to announce that the kickstarter for my new story game, A Cool and Lonely Courage, is launching on 7th May. It is a GM-less (or if you prefer GM-full) game for 2-5 players about the women of the SOE in occupied France in WW2. It is a simple game which allows the telling of emotionally complex stories.

I’ll post additional comments in this thread leading up to the launch itself. First of all though - what is the SOE? This YouTube video is a restored film about the training and activities of the SOE.


What does the game sound like in actual play?

Well, I recommend listening to this wonderful @PartyOfOnePod podcast! Jeff and Kiva play a lovely 2-player version of A Cool and Lonely Courage. (He has lots of other great 2-person actual play podcasts too, and they are not too long. I really recommend trying them out!)


Got a chance to play this with @AviatrixCat earlier this year. It was a really interesting game, thoroughly enjoyed it, and the women operatives of the SOE were something I’ve had an interest in for a bit. Definitely worth checking this out!


More supporting information related to my new game, A Cool and Lonely Courage, kickstarting on 7th May (real soon now!). This is a dramatisation about Nancy Wake, called ‘the white mouse’ by the Gestapo, an amazing spy and leader of the Maquis.

It’s an hour long, but well worth a look.