Kickstarter for Love & Barbed Wire ending soon

I’m launching my kickstarter for Love & Barbed Wire very soon now - it is a two player letter-writing game set in WW1. One player is the soldier in the trenches, the other is their loved one back home.

Over a series of five chapters the couple write letters back and forth and discover how their relationship changes during the war; a hand of cards is used by each player to inform the emotional content of their letters.

It can be played by post, by email or in PbP forums. It is also equally at home on zoom.

The following page can be used to register interest - and allow you to be notified as soon as the project launches.


Looks lovely! (I’m imagining sitting down at a table, lighting candles, & spreading out all that memorabilia.)

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That would be a super way of getting the atmosphere ready for the game - plus have some WW1 wartime songs playing quietly in the background.

The Kickstarter is now live, BTW, and the link above will go to the actual kickstarter page now.


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I’ve edited the title because the Kickstarter is now in it’s last week (and I didn’t want to start a brand new thread for it).

It is funded (Hurrah!) but I’d still love to get the game in front of more people… if anyone here wants to take a quick look at it, I’d be very happy to answer any questions!

There is a recording of an ‘actual play’ on there - compressed down to just the reading of the letters to and fro. It’s just over 11 mins long, and well worth a lesson to hear what the game is like.