Kickstarter for Low-Res Futures

Low-Res Futures contains two full roleplaying games, each written by an accomplished designer.

Handbaskets is a digitally enhanced, cyberwitch, demon-summoning battle royale game by Maxwell Lander (Himbos). Players try to maximize their reputation, take out the competition, and stay alive. But death isn’t the end—those who fall are “resleeved” into strange and entertaining new bodies to continue the entertainment.

In a Mirror Brightly is a game of millenarian magical rebellion by Aaron King (Patchwork World). Wake up from the drudgery of everyday life in 199X and fight for the best future you can imagine! Inspired by The Invisibles, The Matrix, and Mage: The Awakening, players will fight the power with tech, hex, and sex.

Character creation rules for In a Mirror Brightly are avaiable for preview

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