Kingdom: Dwarf Kingdom (4 sessions)

Kingdom: Dwarf Kingdom (4 sessions)

The dragon is dead. The dwarves have returned to the halls of their forebears, mining and toiling to rebuild and claim glory anew.

But hard-won gold is hard-kept. There is treasure in abundance, mounds of gold and jewels from the dragon’s horde, stolen from the dwarves of old and now returned to their descendants. Treasure enough to pay homage to the gods of the forge… or fire their fear of thieves within and without. No doubt even their sworn allies and neighbors secretly covet the riches of the Mountain King…

In Kingdom, the players collaborate in creating a kingdom and then playing out pivotal events in that kingdom’s history. Here, that kingdom is an archetypal dwarf mountain. We’ll customize a pre-written kingdom seed—selecting threats, important locations, characters to play, and Crossroads that loosely define the arc of our kingdom story.

Session 1, September 4:

Session 2, September 11:

Session 3, September 18:

Session 4, September 25:

Kingdom: Dwarf Mountain (1 of 4)
A fallen king, a stone seer, a noble exile, and a master smith struggle as a stagnating dwarf kingdom debates whether it should offer refuge to the kobolds who helped them overthrow the dragon that plundered them for decades.