Last Fleet is live on Kickstarter!

I made a game! Last Fleet is a PBTA game about a rag-tag fleet, fleeing across space from the merciless inhuman foe that destroyed human civilisation. You play brave pilots, officers, engineers, politicians and journalists fighting to keep the fleet - and themselves - in one piece.

The game is focused on action, intrigue and drama in this high-pressure setting. The game’s setting, situation and mechanics push the theme of pressure, whether it’s through white knuckle space battles, tense hunts for infiltrators on the fleet, or the social fallout when your characters finally crack. It excels at the classic PBTA rhythm of switching between action and interpersonal drama.

If you like the sound of that, please do check out the Kickstarter page where you can see previews of the art, read more about the game, download the reference sheets, and of course back the campaign.


Take my money already!.. backed.


We funded over the weekend (YAY!), and I am beyond excited to announce that the first Last Fleet stretch goal is for NYT bestseller, David Gemmell Legend award winner and Warhammer veteran Gav Thorpe to write an alternate setting for the game!

Gav will write a setting pack that takes the players to a fantastical realm of teleporting cities, crossing multiverses to escape the growing power of Death itself. Players must gain the goodwill of the gods through endeavour, sacrifice and prayer to stay ahead of doom.

We’ll also upgrade the interior art to 100% full colour as part of this stretch goal.

The stretch goal target is £10,000 (about $13,000).


After anxiously watching the numbers gradually ticking up over the last few days, I’m delighted to announce that we’ve gone over £10,000! This means we get a full-colour book, and the stretch goal by Gav Thorpe I described in my last post.

It also means it’s time to announce a few stretch goal:

Rank and Duty by Joanna Piancastelli

  • Humanity has always consisted of those who lead and those who follow - which are you? An optional module that’s especially suited to games with a strong military focus, Rank and Duty brings more structure to the Last Fleet’s chain of command and helps you create play by making and breaking the rules.
  • Joanna Piancastelli is a tabletop RPG designer and larpwright. Her RPG Before the Storm was part of the IGDN Game of the Year Seven Wonders Anthology, and her Golden Cobra winning larp Unheroes has been played around the world.

Rank and Duty will be funded if we hit £13,000. I’m a big fan of Joanna’s work, and I’m excited to see what she does with this.


Last Fleet has got me really excited about RPGs again! That’s why I’m here hanging out in an RPG forum (feels like being back in the 2000s!) and even listening to actual play podcasts… and I never had the patience to listen through a single podcast - of any genre - before!

Playing a BSG campaign has always been a dream of mine and another friend or two, and we took a shot at it using Primetime Adventures, and got involved in all sorts of BSG roleplays in SecondLife. I’m really curious to see how Last Fleet plays out!

Being so focused on BSG means I’m not that excited about the teleporting cities thing but I’m sure I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Keeping my fingers crossed for “Rank and Duty” now! Let’s fund it!


That is so lovely to read @ricmadeira, thankyou!

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I felt so called out for my preferences with the Taurus playsheet, which is actually my sign, that I have had to back it :smile:


And thanks for your shout out in your KS roundup!


Belatedly updating here - there’s 3 hours left, we’ve funded stretch goals by Joanna Piancastelli and Misha B, and if we make it to £19k then I’m gonna hire a bunch of writers to write a collection of smaller contributions - extra ships and factions to expand the setting.

Get on board while you still can!

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