Launched a kickstarter for Inner Circle 1st November

I’ve launched a 2 week kickstarter for Inner Circle, a lightweight ‘beer & pretzels’ style RPG which can be played in just 30 minutes or so.

The players get to be a group of ‘yes-men’ coming up with terrible and inane plans to curry favour with their horrible boss, using a simple form of blackjack as the game mechanic to see who wins each round. Losers see their credibility diminish, and when you run out, you get to narrate your horrible exit from the game. If playing as imperial admirals you might be force-choked. If henchmen of the Joker in Gotham city you might be shown the pencil trick. If working for Big Tech or Big Pharma you might be fired or imprisoned, if you are squabbling academics you might lose tenure.

I’ve got a modest goal, to meet editing and printing costs. It would be great if you could take a look and perhaps share or back the project!


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As far as i see, the game looks great