Learn About Running Online- Seat Open

Once or twice each year community members set up GMing workshops on the Gauntlet Calendar, called Gauntlet Facilitator Camps. In these an experienced GM hosts three participants over a series of four sessions. In session one they have a meeting which is part Q&A and part workshop, talking about techniques and best practices. Then in the following three sessions each participant runs a one-shot for the other members, with a debrief at the end for suggestions and support.

This has been a really useful and successful program for folks here-- and a great way to get your feet under you for facilitating games online and managing games generally.

We have one seat open in Camp Pursuivant, happening Thursday evenings 7PM GMT in November, so it’s pretty Euro-friendly. This is @Alun_R’s camp and he’s an amazing GM who went through the GFC process himself and ran a camp series last year. It’s free and open to anyone. For more info message Alun or check out this post: Game Facilitator Camp: Pursuivant