Legacy 2e: Rebuilding The Wilds

They say long ago, in a time before the Time Before, the world used to be green. They speak of vast plains lined with dirt, covered in towering spires of cellulose as far as the eye could see. They say the world was once teeming with creatures without purpose. They weren’t designed or maintained for any reason; they simply existed, and were beautiful.

But that was a long time ago. Before the Ancestors covered the world in glass, plastic, and steel. Before the weather was recalibrated, before the seas were tamed, before the world was broken by our might, utterly conquered. Before we covered every square inch of open ground with city, or industry, or opulence, or squalor.

Before our grand edifice collapsed and nearly took us with it.

And yet for all our attempts to tear away the natural world, it held on. So much of it was lost, in the great Building Up, in the horrific Falling Down. What we have are little more than fragments, vague dreams passed down to us of Earth as it was, and it should’ve been.

But nature is as tenacious as our will to rebuild it. For in the ruins of our ecumenopolis, there are still tendrils of green that reach towards the sun. Still animals that wander through the metallic wreckage. Still genomic banks of long-dead species awaiting resurrection. The pieces necessary to rejuvenate our world are still out there. The process to find them, nurture them, bring them back from the brink, will be long and arduous. It will take centuries before another forest graces the horizon. But it can be done. It must. It will. We will not let our world die. We refuse it.

This session is scheduled for 3 hours. It will not be recorded.

We’ll be playing Legacy: Life Among The Ruins, 2nd Edition, a post-apocalyptic game about lineages of folks rebuilding a ruined world across generations. We’ll start with a fair chunk of worldbuilding (perhaps even a full session 0) and probably end up playing to the completion of the first Age. Being able to attend each session is strongly encouraged, but not required. You must RSVP for each session you wish to attend.

We’ll be using the X-Card and Lines and Veils for safety. The Gauntlet Inclusivity Policy will be in full effect.

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