Legacy: Life Among the Ruins Bundle of Holding

If you’re looking to pick up a bundle of excellent material for post-apoc and generational play, Bundle of Holding have a deal on for Legacy: Life Among the Ruins.

Bundles of Holding always raise cash for a charity of the creators’ choice - in this case UFO Press have opted for Mermaids UK, who help trans and GNC children, and their families and communities.



I would love to play this!

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Thanks for promoting this, Sean! I’ve been blown away by the response so far, and it’ll feel very nice to write that cheque to Mermaids :smile:


I’m regretting only going in at the basic level as having read the main book i’m loving it and want the expanded material.

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If I do this one, I am definitely going to try the Generation. Ship!

Edit: I broke down and bought the complete bundle…