Legacy: Life amongst the ruins. City on the Edge of Tomorrow

The city was dead to begin with. it’s corpse spread over the land as far as anyone can see, the ruins of buildings rising like ribs from it’s carcass. But although the city has died life has not left it.

Amongst the ruins life persists as new groups gather and new families form to forge the direct of this, and future, ages.

  • We will be playing Legacy, Life amongst the ruins using the standard playset set amongst the ruins of a Metropolis.
  • This game will stretch over 2 months encompassing several ages.
  • We will be using Roll20.net to facilitate playing the game.
  • The X-card will be used.
  • Streamyards will be used for recording the session for Youtube.

Session 1 2019-11-03T20:00:00Z2019-11-03T23:00:00Z

Session 2 2019-11-10T20:00:00Z2019-11-03T23:00:00Z

Session 3 2019-11-17T20:00:00Z2019-11-03T23:00:00Z

Session 4 2019-11-24T20:00:00Z2019-11-03T23:00:00Z

Session 5 2019-12-01T20:00:00Z2019-11-03T23:00:00Z

Session 6 2019-12-08T20:00:00Z2019-11-03T23:00:00Z

Session 7 2019-11-03T20:00:00Z2019-11-03T23:00:00Z

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