[Let's Go To Magic School] Help with two Playbook moves

Hello y’all who walk the gauntlet,

since you were very helpful already, when I presented two basic moves, I’d like to share in your wisdom now, concerning two playbook moves. I’m making a game about kids at a magic school.

The thing is, after several one shots and one longer campaign, now one took them ever.

They are also kinda samey.

Current versions:

Sucker for Rules (The Studious One)
 When you admonish someone about the school rules, roll +Virtue. On a hit, they will hesitate in what they are doing and you take +1 forward against them. On a 10+, you may choose to make them suffer.

 Outsider Perspective (The Upstart)
 When you point out an injustice or absurdity in the school's society, roll +Worldliness. On a 7-9, choose one. On a 10+, you get both: 
  - They must stop to explain themselves or suffer. 
  - They mark inspiration, if they heed your call.

Now for the Studious One, I’m thinking:

 Sucker For Rules
 When you quote the rules, you may give any one person making it so (including yourself) +1 forward.

That’s simple and effective. I found that having at least some bonus moves, isn’t bad. The two I have, have been quite popular. Is the phrasing good? Am I overlooking something?

For the Outsider Perspective, I’m not so sure. I kinda like the idea of having characters of this playbook comment on the School. It’s basically the Harry Potter playbook. Giving someone Inspiration (XP) is a pretty powerful effect, as it’s the only move in the game that does so.

Should I just play this up? Turn it into more wide eyed wonder? What do you think.