List of currently available Trophy Gold incursions?

I’ve seen a ton of discussion around Trophy Dark incursions, but I haven’t seen any for Trophy Gold. With the Kickstarter coming up, it seems like it would be good to talk about good incursions to start with and what people can try to play before backing.

What incursions for Gold are currently available?
Which are your favorites?
Does anyone want to promote their WIP incursions?


I’m working on converting some of the Trilemma adventures from Michael Prescott, but nothing fancy or original.


If I remember correctly, the goal with Gold was to be able to use it to run any previously published module from any RPG. I don’t know if there will be a big push for Trophy incursions, but an incursion is a module by another name, so :man_shrugging:t3:

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It’s certainly one of the things I love about Gold! That said, the KS preview page indicates that there will be some original incursions written specifically for Gold, so @jesseross et al. are at least taking a stab at it.