Little Katy's Tea Party

In Little Katy’s Tea Party, you’ll play as the imaginary friends that spring to life by the unlimited power of a little girl’s imagination: Katy.

You’re now sitting at the tea party, but she’s no longer with us. So, you’ll recall the moments of her childhood where you stood with her - the difficult ones.

Were we enough to guide her through? Did we really do what was best for her? What price did we have to pay? We’ll play to find it out.


The scenario we’ll play is inspired by the aesthetics of Downtown Abbey and the movie Little Lord Fauntleroy. The game touchstones are fairytales - but in this case, the focus is on the Helpers, making them Protagonist.

Content Warning: Childhood, social distress, bullying.

System: Little Katy’s Tea Party is a standalone game.

Duration: A single 3-hour session.

Breaks: Two short breaks (5 minutes), one every hour.

Venue: Facilitator’s Discord Server

Recording: Yes, but made public only if consent by all the players.

Attendance: One-Shot.

Safety: The game has a built-in version of Lines & Veils and Ok Check-In. This game will follow the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.

2021-02-05T20:00:00Z Link to Gauntlet Calendars