LONG HAUL 1983, my new solo RPG, is free for the Gauntlet community

Hey folks & friends!

A month ago, I released a solo RPG called LONG HAUL 1983. The game has been well received and supported. People are actually playing it. Everyone has been super cool.

The Gauntlet – the podcasts, the cons, the publications, the people – has been a foundational & essential element of my gaming life. I appreciate you all. Sincerely. So please help yourself to my new game.

It’s pay-what-you-like for you when you use this link (spc.itch.io/gauntlet). If that means you pick it up for free, please do so. If that means you’d like to purchase it at a big discount, rock on. Whatever fits your budget and floats your boat.

All my love,

PS - The link will be active through 4/25. If you’re reading this post in the future and would like to grab a free/discounted copy, just send me a message. Cheers!


PPS: If you dig the game, let me know!

That’s awesome, thank you!

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You’re very welcome!

(Obviously no strings attached, but if anyone would LIKE to show support for the game, a quick rating on itch.io or a post on social media is really awesome!)