Looking for an indie game about the last year of a shop

Hi there,

as the title says I am looking for a game about the last year of a shop which is being closed and the employees were laid off. Unfortunately I can’t remember the details. The game was really small - about 2 pages? Very free form.

You played through a full year, each season being one chapter of the story. You start in January outside the shop and tell the other players about the new year’s party and your wishes for the new year when you are invited in to receive the bad news of the shop being closed. IIRC the final scene would be on christmas eve or so. The tone is a bit cynic / humorous.

Does anybody know the game? Or even better know where to get it? I once had it as a PDF but I forgot where I got it from.

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There’s a hack for Dog Eat Dog that could be what you’re looking for. Let me see if I can find it.

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I think it’s @Groundhoggoth 's customer service simulator about a franchise mall shop. It’s got Kafka, the Office and Ghost world’s ADN in it. Even if that’s not the one you’re looking for, I hope I’ve made your brain salivate :wink:
You can find it on James Mullen’s blog and James is on the (originally London) Indie RPG disc*rd server.

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I think you are looking for No Boundaries.


Yesss! Thank you sir!

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Jugging by description, it looks like No Boundaries

Personally i can’t be sure, as i played a lot of Retro Video Game Store and i feel like all those games have beem mixed in my mind, but indeed by judgging by description this could be No Boundaries, as if i remember it correctly. So i guess this would my answer to you