Looking for one-shot story games with character play!

Hello! I’m looking for games to have in my one shot kit that can help introduce new players to the feeling of portraying a character. Mostly looking for self-contained story games designed to be played in one or two sessions, with or without a GM/facilitator.

Here’s a few that I know:

For the Queen
Fall of Magic
Companion’s Tale
Ghost Lines

What are your favourites?


Games where you discover your character.
Games Descended from the Queen do that.
Amnesia games, like Psi-Run and Penny for my thoughts, too.
I’ve got games where everybody is under a disguise. You play to find out your character under the disguise.

Lady Blackbird is my absolute favorite for this, since the characters are pregenerated and they’re pretty classic archetypes, but I’ve seen so much variation in the way they’re played (based on dozens of times running the game).


I am a big fan of Follow for this kind of thing; It’s a very guided experience but at the same time quite open. It’s also one of the few games I’ve played that ACTUALLY finishes in one session.

The other thread going on right now about Lady Blackbird seems like it’s looking for very similar things, so many of those suggestions would work here as well: Looking For Lady Blackbirds

All of the following are gmLess one/two shots with Players playing as (among other things) their individual character :slight_smile:

This one instead sees all Players sharing authority over the same Protagonist…