Lure moves, sex moves

I like Vincent Baker’s Apocalypse World Sex moves and Lure moves from Avery Alder Dream Askew in that they foster “play to support”.
But I don’t find exactly the vibe I want in them. Sex moves are very psychological, very “inside”. Lure moves are based on social utility, very “outside”. I think I’d like something in between. Probably there are some other moves I ignore that I’d like. If I knew what it was I’m looking for, I’d already have created a game for it :wink: I think it’s something about Fourier’s passions and Johnstone’s status play.

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Can you expand some more on what you’re asking? To me, AW specials and DA lures are so different, I can’t get a sense of what ‘in between’ could look like

Thank you for signaling, i’ll try to be clearer.

I am looking for a tool to materialize this “play to support” technique: when other players play a certain relation to your character, they are rewarded.
(That’s very similar to Lure moves. )

To this I add:
1 - the “reward” can be negative
2- and the relations don’t need to be community oriented
(I see this as closer to Sex moves, but I understand how this interpretation is subjective and probably confusing.

The Vulnerable Move in The Between might be an example of this? “When you have an intimate moment with another hunter while one of you is engaged in your vice, you may clear an appropriate Condition”, etc.

I don’t see AW specials working like this - not all of them are beneficial, and ime they don’t (and aren’t intended to) incentivise players like Lures do.

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