Ma Nishtana: Why is this Night Different? (2 Sessions)

This game is in open beta testing. Please sign up for this game if you are willing to provide feedback to help the game designers improve the game. A link to a google form will be provided after the game. I will email everyone on the RSVP list to confirm attendance. In case someone needs to drop, I will reach out to folks on the wait list!

Ma Nishtana: Why is this Night Different? is a story game modeled on a Passover Seder, a ritual meal and collaborative re-telling of the Jewish Exodus from Egypt. There are opportunities to eat all of the ritual foods or perform more abstract (and remote play-friendly) rituals. You will be asked to prepare some simple items for the game ahead of time.

Together, players breathe new life into the Exodus story by embodying their own version of a key character and roleplaying a series of structured scenes called “Rituals”, culminating in the deliverance of the Hebrew people from peril. Players take turns guiding these scenes, perform ritual actions , and collaborate in building a shared world filled with wonder, terror, and deep care.

We explore the emotional ties of the characters and through their eyes discover what Passover has to teach us: the weight of sacrifice, the strength of community, and the responsibility we have to those who seek a place called home.

CW: oppression, tragedy, and other themes from the original Exodus may appear. This game distorts the Exodus story. It also reorganizes and excludes certain conventional components of the Seder. This may be challenging for some.

System : Ma Nishtana: Why is this Night Different? , open beta version. No preparation is required, I will be teaching the rules and rituals as we play.

Duration : Two sessions, each one will be 2.5 hours.

Breaks : 1-2 breaks per session (5-10 mins)

Venue : GM’s Zoom

Recording : Yes, but only if all players consent to recording and publishing

Attendance : Because there are only two sessions, being able to attend both would be ideal.

Safety : Lines & Veils, Script Change, an open door policy. Tools can be changed to suit the players.

Open access : Public signs up are available at 02/11/2021 10PM (Manila Time)

This game will follow the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.

Session 1: 2021-02-13T13:30:00Z
Session 2: 2021-02-20T13:03:00Z

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