Made stripped down version of the core system running through fantasypunk

Hey, folks!

I’m exploring possibilities and I took some of the core systems in fantasypunk and boiled down to this very minimalistic system I hope would fit in a zine or 3-fold.

Any thoughts about it?

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I personally like your style and want to read more. Its solid. However, right now, it is just homebrewed and customized BitD/PbtA basics, right?

What I am still trying to grasp is

  • your understanding of punk, and
  • the wielding and chasing Burdens.

And few example PCs, or actual play snippets might help us better understand your vision.

These are things you wield, sorry for the redundancy. I played this system once with my wife and once with friends. My wife chose to wield her “tongue”, as in her sharp and witty words.
One of my friends chose to wield a literal weapon while another chose to wield their wits.

I mean, yeah, but I am not sure what you are pointing out, or if you are pointing out something? I mean, what isn’t a homebrew fitd/pbta, when you use those engines? Not being defensive at all, really looking to understand.

you know, I’ve had this raised before in other occasions and to be fair, I’m a queer ND mess from South America. If I survived here at all and long enough to make something, anything I make is punk.
A less sexy answer is that this project started as a hack of dungeonpunk, so the naming convention was supposed to point to its legacy :slight_smile:


You asked about our thoughts in the OP, so I shared mine :slight_smile:

What I am trying to point out is that for me, it is too early to give any kind of deeper feedback in this stage. Its the regular, stripped down framework of BitD/PbtA fundamentals, plus some traces of taste and color. Sounds promising, but needs more detail to evaluate.

Thank you for your answers!

I see, thanks!

I am going for a basic framework for a no-prep game and experimenting with the Burden system, which is a very versatile mechanic I intend to use in different contexts.

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Here’s another iteration of the system. Please be mindful of the content warning.

I like the simplicity of it.
Presentation is a bit SRD vanilla : I’m in favour of picking the best setting, a scaffolding for starters, confident that players will break the mold when they are ready. A taste / lesson I learned from Lady Blackbird and @Rickard in two different ways.

There’s a grammatical disconnect at a point where setting and game proposition have a disconnect too. This leaves a vague blank space, a leak. So, I’d say we’ll have profit if we begin working on it :
“Come up with a name and pronouns, then choose 2 to 3 words to define your character:
Scavengers, Bounty Hunters, Exiles, Wanderers, Scholars, Soldiers, Magic-Users, Rebels, Mystical, Homebound.”
As an unbearable lesson giver I’ll let you find the incoherence. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Or you can throw the towel in my face, we laugh and I tell you about The Party.

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