Magical Multiverse Tour—Bite Marks: Innistrad Howlpack

You are a close-knit pack of werewolves, bound by blood and secrets. You spend your days in human guise and your nights prowling the woods of Kessig. If your fellow villagers understood your true nature they would hunt you down wielding silver weapons and prayers to whatever angels still guard humanity. When new threats encroach on your territory, will you hold fast to your traditions or reinvent what your pack stands for?

We will be playing four sessions of Bite Marks, a PbtA game of werewolf pack dynamics, filled with heightened emotions and supernatural action.

Our setting is Innistrad, a Gothic-horror-inspired world from the lore of Magic: The Gathering.

This is part of my Magical Multiverse Tour, a series of me running games set on various planes of Magic: The Gathering. Given that most characters cannot cross between these worlds, there will be very little continuity or crossovers, but perhaps the occasional Easter egg…

NUMBER OF SESSIONS: There will be 4 sessions in total. Being able to attend each session is ideal. You must RSVP to each session you wish to attend.

DURATION: 3 hours

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4 players total. One slot is reserved for Brandon B.

SAFETY TOOLS IN USE: We will use CATS, the X-Card, Lines & Veils, and the Open Door Policy. This event abides by the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.

SET UP INFO: We will play over Streamyard. Expect a set-up email from me about a week before the first session, with a link to a Google sheet character keeper.

BREAKS: two ten-minute breaks (and more as requested)

RECORDED: Provided all players give permission, sessions will be recorded and posted to the Cloven Pine Games Youtube channel.

PRIOR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: No, rules will be taught in play. Additionally, you don’t need to know anything about Magic: The Gathering or its lore. I’ll cover the basics of the setting.

2021-10-06T00:00:00Z2021-10-06T03:00:00ZSession One
2021-10-13T00:00:00Z2021-10-13T03:00:00ZSession Two
2021-10-20T00:00:00Z2021-10-20T03:00:00ZSession Three
2021-10-27T00:00:00Z2021-10-27T03:00:00ZSession Four

Magical Multiverse Tour—Bite Marks: Innistrad Howlpack (Session 1/4)
Players: Brandon B, Steven S, @harrycoins, Kyle H
In the first session of this new series, we build our Innistrad werewolves, their pack, and their world. Meet Serafina the tough-but-fair Alpha, Brooke the wizened Greypelt midwife, Cawle the conflicted Fixer, and Alice the calculating Howl. How will the Pack deal with the suspicions of their human allies and the supernatural threats of this darkening plane?

Magical Multiverse Tour—Bite Marks: Innistrad Howlpack (Session 2/4)
Starring: Brandon B, Steven S, Kyle H
The Howlpack battles a two-headed, cleaver-wielding ghoul—and someone loses an arm. Serafina takes a hard line against a packmate’s recklessness. Brooke offers their wisdom but also bares their fangs. And Alice takes a precipitous step to defy Pack tradition and aid a packmate in need.
CW: Mild, consensual cannibalism.

Magical Multiverse Tour—Bite Marks: Innistrad Howlpack (Session 3/4)
Starring: Brandon B, Kyle H, @harrycoins
The Howlpack confronts a bothersome Inquisitor, a ghoulish incursion into their territory, and the undead guardians of the Grimm Keep. Cawle romances the mayor’s daughter and gets more entangled in human schemes. Alice voices dire fears for the pack and strikes first when violence is called for. And Serafina tries to keep the pack together, but comes face-to-face with a dangerous old friend…

Magical Multiverse Tour—Bite Marks: Innistrad Howlpack (Session 4/4)
Starring: Brandon B, Kyle H, @harrycoins, Steven S
The epic conclusion: challenges, deaths, resurrection, and betrayal! Everything comes to a head for the Howlpack within the sinister walls of the Grimm Keep. Serafina clings to tradition in the face of long-lost family, Brooke tries a desperate play for leadership, Alice speaks for the dead, and Cawle makes a fateful final decision.