Making some compendium classes for my players and would love some feedback

Compendium classes in question.

First off, really sorry if this isn’t the right spot for this topic, I am just a basic badge baby.

Anyway, it’s pretty much the title. Doing my first Dungeon World campaign (Loosely based on Keep on the Borderlands). Everybody is having a great time, I mostly just got the urge to make stuff, and I feel like I had some good ideas.

I should mention that I tried to tailor this to my player’s tastes: they like utility and they really like high risk high reward play.

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A few vague thoughts, perhaps something useful for you:

  • Turf may be a per-session move, but you should still give it a trigger condition like at the start of a session… also the double roll is a little clunky - rather than making it a +CHA roll for income and then a second for complication you could have something like “name some goods or services you wish to obtain by menace ( or simply state you intend to earn cash ) and roll +CHA. On a success you gain the goods or the number you rolled*10 coin. On a 7-9 pick one…” followed by your list of complications. I would also suggest that if it has not been rolled for three weeks consecutively, control of the turf will be lost.
  • Consigliere reads to me like a GM interaction rather than a move.
  • In the Familiar description I read “cantrip” as “catnip” and now I think the familiar should refer to them that way.
  • Evil Eye is a one-hit kill in a lot of cases with relatively little downside. I would perhaps adjust to “the affliction lasts a minute or until the target takes damage.”
  • The Fugitive - If this is a compendium class it drop the “somewhere in your backstory” - compendium classes are the consequence of events that come up in play, otherwise you’re just dealing with a standard playbook.
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Thanks. Turf and Evil Eye are the ones I had the most concerns about largely for the reasons you mentioned. This will be a lot of help going in to the second draft.
Also made me realize I had a disturbing lack of cat puns.