Masks: Halcyon by Gaslight (May Saturdays)

Introduction to “A Modern History of Superhumans” published 1891:

While superhumans of one kind or another have almost certainly existed since the dawn of time, the first modern ‘superhero’ is generally said to be Maggie MacIntyre (known as “Flying Freedom”), who first appeared in Halcyon City in 1802. The following years saw the emergence of the other masked crime fighters who we now call the Golden Generation. This first phase of modern superheroics is commonly viewed as a simpler time, but people overlook the humiliations MacIntyre endured as both an Irish immigrant and a woman.

In the 1820s, superhuman conflicts began to escalate with the onset of the Silver Generation. Superheroes formed teams to combat new, more dangerous threats with the power to destroy whole cities. In this era, Coyote played a critical role in Grande California continued independence from Mexico and the United States. However, most heroes avoided ‘political issues’ like the horrors of slavery.

That all changed when the heroine Exodus (sometimes called “Moses”) began her super career in 1850. After she escaped from slavery, she went on to liberate hundreds of others. Moreover, she became the first openly political hero, campaigning for emancipation and universal suffrage. She began a new era, the Bronze Generation, which will forever be known for its conflicts. Many heroes, including Exodus herself, fought in the Civil War, the first time heroes directly worked for the government. In the west, heroes from the native nations of the Great Plains Alliance fought the United State’s advancement to a standstill. While these conflicts were bloody, some resulted in great victories. Indeed, some credit superheroes for the eventual success of Reconstruction.

Now, at the beginning of the last decade of the 19th century, a new generation of heroes emerge, and the world waits to see what they’ll accomplish.

Come play a genius inventor straight of Jules Verne, a reformed demon like Spring-Heeled Jack, or a mundane hero like Zorro. Come play Masks: A New Generation set in an 1890s that is very different from our own.

We will be utilizing safety tools such as the X-Card, script change tools, and lines and veils. You must RSVP for every session you wish to attend but need not attend every session. I do encourage attending as many sessions as you can. The Gauntlet Inclusivity Policy will be in effect for the game. The sessions are scheduled for around 3 hours and will be recorded and uploaded if everyone agrees to it.

Saturdays in May. 7:30 - 10:30 EST