Masks: Longhome (Monthly, 4 sessions, Sundays at 7:30 pm GMT)

Longhome is not a city of heroes, like Halcyon City or Gauntlet City or even Prospect City. It’s just a large town in the middle of … people might say nowhere, but what do people know, really? There’s lots of things out there, little towns, unincorporated communities, a dimensionally displaced skyscraper, the crater where an alien spacecraft crashed …
Not that many active heroes, of course. Maybe some retired ones. Maybe some retired villains, maybe some minions seeing their chance out in the backwater. And some teenagers, trying to figure out their powers, their place in the world and themselves.

For safety, we will use Lines & Veils, the X-Card and an Open Door policy. We will adhere to the Gauntlet Code of Conduct (

S1 (2020-03-08T19:30:00Z):
S2 (2020-03-15T19:30:00Z):
S3 (2020-03-22T19:30:00Z):
S4 (2020-03-29T18:30:00Z): (edited)