Masks - Playbok recommendations for one-shots

Hey, folks! I started running Masks one-shots on Start Playing Games as a paid GM and I’d like some recommendations of what playbooks I should avoid for one-shots and which work best from it, including from other magpie supplements, not only the core books. Thanks!

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I think there’s some discussion about this on the recent Masks episode of +1 Forward -


The ones I would avoid for one-shots: The Doomed, The Nova, The Innocent, The Harbinger, The Joined, The Nomad, The Scion, and probably The Reformed.

All the other core books should work fine in one-shots. The Legacy and The Janus have time-passes special moves, but those will usually get incorporated into the epilogue of a one-shot.

Of the non-core books, the ones that work fine in a one shot are The Brain, The Soldier, and The Star. The Newborn is borderline, but I’ve seen it work.