May Game Runner Questionnaire


Hey, folks-

I did one of those question-a-day things on Twitter that’s about running games so that the folks who put in all those hours but maybe aren’t (principally) designers also get recognized and get to share their thoughts.

In case you’re not on Twitter, or just don’t want to broadcast your answers into the great Twitter maelstrom! , I’m posting it here, so let’s make a big, huge,month-long thread with the answers!

  1. Who are you?

Mike Ferdinando. I’ve been going by “Haladir” on Internet messageboards since before the World Wide Web was a thing. I’ve been playing and running RPGs since the early 1980s. I’m an IT manager in higher ed. I’ve been married for more than 20 years. It’s a mixed-marriage: my spouse is not a gamer. (I think it’s healthy for partners to have some separate interests.)

  1. Who are you?

I’m Sabine. I live in southwestern Germany. I’ve been playing & running ttrpgs since the late '80s, work as a data coordinator (or whatever we’re calling ourselves these days) at a law firm and like to hike and take pictures of everything that strikes my fancy. Right now, I should be in bed, but I’d rather procrastinate.

I’ve done some editing & translating for German RPGs (Unknown Armies, Fate, Fiasco, Cheat Your Own Adventure), and I’m hoping to do some more stuff.

  1. What’s the first game you remember organizing/GMing?

After playing an AD&D/OD&D hybrid for a few months in a group where I was the youngest kid by far, I started feeling a little weird about it, and quit. About a year later, I started my own D&D group with some of my own friends, usuing the brand-new Tom Moldvay D&D Basic Set. (1983). I bought the set with money I’d earned on my paper route.