Maze Rats: The Sorcerer's Shadow

I’m running two sessions of Maze Rats, an OSR rules-lite game based on Into the Odd. Sessions are on wednesday evenings (Central European Time) in May. We play a not-too-serious exploration and investigation scenario of my own making, titled “The Sorcerer’s Shadow”.


(More details in thread.)

You ventured South, for in the South adventure awaits, and with it, riches and fame. On the way South lies a small town of Trigonna, the home of the sorcerer Benazaar, whom you all know by a less intimidating name: Ben. A long-time friend of yours, Ben is certain to offer you a bed and a hot meal, which — in the eyes of road-weary travellers such as yourselves — shine brighter than gold.

However — Ben is in trouble. He looks miserable and scared, as if he was afraid of his own shadow. He begs you to help him; he claims it’s a matter of life and death. But when you’ve heard what it’s about — it looks to be much more complicated than that!

The Sorcerer’s Shadow is an not-taking-itself-too-seriously old-school (OSR) fantasy adventure which includes exploring several locations and interacting with a few factions in an open-ended way. I also try to incorporate a few story-game principles to help players tie their characters to the story.

Maze Rats by Ben Milton (Questing Beast) is a rules-light fantasy adventure roleplaying game and hack of Into the Odd. The rule book is a slim 12 pages and many of those are lists of random tables, with arguably around half being devoted to the actual core rules of the game. You do not literally play a rat or equivalent in Maze Rats.

Rules Knowledge is not required – everything will be taught at the game.

Content Warning: violence, monsters, dark sorcery.

Duration: 2 sessions, 3 hours per session

Breaks: Two 5-minute breaks at the top of each hour.

Safety Tools in use: X-Card, Lines & Veils, Open Door Policy, Stars & Wishes. This event will follow the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.

Venue/Game Tools: Zoom, Google Sheets, Owlbear Rodeo VTT.

Recording: The sessions will be recorded but will only be made public with the consent of all participants.

Participants will be sent more information, by email, a week before the game.

Session 1: Wednesday, 3. May 21h CEST (UTC+2)
Session 2: Wednesday, 10. May 21h CEST (UTC+2)