Measurement of engagement in games and social skills

My name is Jan Antkowiak. I study Psychology at Adam Mickiewicz University. I am currently working on my thesis and I would appreciate hearing about your experience with a particular type of games.

I would like to invite you to complete the Engagement in games and Social Competence Survey.
Participation in the study is voluntary and you can resign from it at any time without giving any reason. It will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete the survey.

Thank you for your participation.


Let’s do this Jan_Antkowiak !
Note : cultural bias on “Offering comfort” : hugging is typically US. Although it’s evolving, “trying to hug a person” in France will probably be perceived as awkward. Try “offering a coffee” or “reassure them” ? maybe that’s what you mean by “provide a comforting object” ? Well I suppose, but the coffee is not supposed to be comforting, the listening is.
And questions have been changed from second person to first person, and sometimes it shows in the syntax as in “I talk to yourself”.

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This is an interesting survey. I’ve filled it out!

I am all for any such efforts to collect data.

However, the content has me a bit puzzled: it seems to be mainly about judging how “socially awkward” or unaware a person is, and that seems like one of the least reliable things to self-report.

Of course, the survey’s design may be more nuanced than that (perhaps self-perception is precisely what’s being measured here), but I it jumped out at me as odd.

I was expecting a lot more questions relevant to actual games or gameplay here.