Melt Me: A Deliciously Queer Ice Cream Larp (Playtest)
1 Hour Playtest
You need a cup of icecream to play

Melt Me is a intimate larp about self discovery through pleasure, specifically the pleasure of eating ice cream.

My boyfriend and I are working on this larp as an entry to this year’s Golden Cobra Larp contest.

The catch-phrase of the game is “A Deliciously Queer Gayme About Identity, Icecream, and Cumming Together”

The subject matter of this game is 18+. We are men playing together in a gay bath’s darkroom in Nakazakicho, Osaka.

During play, we get “intimate” with each other through eating ice cream!

By the climax of the game we decide as a group how we should finish together: Do we lick our cups clean? Will we smother the creamy sweetness all over our faces or bodies? Or, will we save some for later?

We discover who our characters during the game, asking each other probing questions only when we taste icecream.

The tone of the game is queer, sensual, and playful. We may potentially play with themes of loss.

Importantly no sex acts are committed during play, but ice-cream (or an alternative creamy delight) is indeed ingested.

We will be using an open door policy and a version of of script change involving choreographed moans and groans.

At the end we will engage in a brief decompression.

Finally, we will take feedback from players, to help improve play and deepen the themes. We highly value your insights.
Here is the play document if you would like a look:,

Note: An extra spot is being reserved for Gerrit Reininghaus, who suggested I offer this on the Gauntlet Calendar.

The Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct will be in play and safety tools (Script Change and X-Card) will be in use.

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