MERGER, A Macrocosmic Corporate Horror RPG

Hey folks!

I’m launching my first Kickstarter! MERGER is a single-player RPG about macrocosmic corporate horror, using the forged in the dark system. It is a mash-up of capitalist critique and cosmic horror. It is a metaphor for living in late-stage capitalism, and it is also quite literal. Your character can see these corporate bodies for what they really are. They glimpse flesh in the cracks of the cement, see eyes looking back at them in the conference room, and can feel blood under their feet as they walk between skyscrapers.

Are they alone in this revelation? Will they attempt to leave the corporate body, or remain a cell in this immoral behemoth, biding their time to strike? Play to find out what happens!

The preview page is now live, so please follow along to get notified when the project launches. This project is also part of SideQuest2021, an organized effort by indie tabletop developers to bring creators together to advertise their work as a community. Check out the website for more folks crowdfunding their games and supplements!

Thanks so much! If you have questions, lemme know!


The Kickstarter is now live!

Thanks for the follows everyone. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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Aaaaand, it’s funded! Thanks everyone for the support!


Tentacles in the stairwell, blood oozing through the cracks of the elevator doors. A feeling on your skin, like dry porous teeth. What is this place? A company? No. It is a tomb. It is burying you. How will you get out?

MERGER is funded. MERGER has met all it’s stretch goals. MERGER will be covered and filled with beautiful art. Thank you all so much for the support. We’re in our last 48 hour stretch, so if you’re curious or want to share the project, now is an excellent time to do so!

Please and thank you!

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