Monster of the Week - 1970 Cold War (June-July 6 ep arc)

Monster of the Week - 1970 Cold War

aka - Tinker, Tailor, Monster, Spy

  • Part of an ongoing series so enrollment in more than one session is preferred.

Tropes/Themes : Action, Espionage, Intervention, Monsters, Supernatural.
Location – Stuttgart, West Germany, 1970

  • No Professionals.
  • No SMG/Automatic Weapons.
  • Everyone Choose a Weird magic type instead of Use Magic.

Working for Augen – Government Agency : (West Germany - Bundesrepublik Deutschland)
Mission : Foreign Agents or Monsters – Find out what they are up to, try to capture & question them, failing that retire them.
• Usual cover – Customs agents.
Gear : Tranquilizer Pistol each (6 shots).
• Shared BMW 1800 Sedan 1967 or Mercedes 230 Wagon 1966.

  • The game will be recorded on Youtube.
  • THE X-CARD will also be in use.

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Looking forward to tonight.

How do I actually join the game? This is my first time here.

sent you an email with streamyard link

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Hi Ryan, I tried posting a comment on the video in Youtube a few times but every time it got deleted a few times after I posted. I thought it was a problem with my session or Youtube account but it just seems to be that video.

i got the messages but they don’t show on the youtube page

anyway glad you enjoyed the game and we can use your burglar move if intrusion comes up again

That’s great, thanks.

I think the comment problem is just for that video, I was able to comment on one of your other videos ok.

Hi Ryan, we’ve got a problem at work and I need to make sure it gets sorted out. It’s probably going to take all night, at least the next few hours anyway. I’ll join the game if I can, but even then I might have to drop off at any time. Sorry.


Joe is away and i’m not well either

will cancel this one, catch you all in July

sorry for the short notice

Blake Ryan