Monster of the Week: Edersee Triptych

Monster of the Week: Edersee Triptych

The Edersee is a natural reservoir in the middle of Germany. Usually, there’s not much going on there, but recently, there has been an uptick in supernatural activity the Order of Sylvester, a German monster hunting organisation, can’t handle by themselves. So they put out a call for assistance from foreign agents, freelancers and other interesting parties - can somebody go and have a look? It’s probably not that dangerous. Well, hopefully.There are three sessions to this game. While there is a common thread, each is a stand-alone story, so feel free to just sign on to one or to all of these, as time and energy permit.
We’ll play with lines and veils, the X-card and an Open Door policy. The inclusivity policy is in place.

Session One (2019-12-07T19:30:00Z): Sunken Lights:
Session Two (2019-12-14T19:30:00Z): Raccoons at Castle Hessenstein:
Session Three (2019-12-21T19:30:00Z): Tornadoes in Todenhausen:

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Somehow your links are redirecting to Slack rather than the hangouts Calendar :frowning:

Thanks for telling me!

I think I fixed it. I hope. I’ve been terrible at posting this! :slight_smile:


This peaceful place?! Supernatural activities?! OMG!

Look how peaceful it was when I was there: