Monsterhearts - BFFs (5 sessions starting Sunday 30 May 8:30pm UK time)

Monsterhearts - BFFs (5 sessions starting Sunday 30 May 8:30pm UK time)
This is the first of five sessions of Monsterhearts 2e (Session Zero in May, followed by four sessions in June). The focus will be on the PCs relationships with each other - and how their increasing monstrousness impacts lifelong friendships - rather than external factors or the setting, which we’ll create as we need as we go along.

This will be a player-first, highly collaborative game and the action will focus on the PCs’ agendas. External adversity and mysteries will support this focus rather than having being a driving force themselves. I will be asking players to portray NPCs in certain circumstances so as to keep everyone involved as much as they wish. The game will use the latest version of the Lifelong Fiends subsystem which encourages deeper starting relationships with corresponding mechanical effects.

Technical details

Note that this game will be played over audio chat and supporting shared documents. The audio may be retained for reference, but I do not intend to release it publicly and will not do so without all players’ permission. I may release a summary of play at some point afterwards.

Content warnings & Safety tools

Monsterhearts is a game about the exploration of teenage self, including gender and sexuality, and will likely contain both elements of teen sexual activity and horror.

These sessions will use:

  • a content ‘palette’ incorporating Lines & Veils

  • X-card

  • active check-ins where requested

Signing up to all five sessions is not mandatory, however note that, unless explicitly requested, PCs may be continued to be played by the MC or other players. You must RSVP to each session you wish to attend.

These sessions follow The Gauntlet’s Code of Conduct.
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These sessions are now open to all.