Moonflower's Kickstarter for its inflorescence edition is planned for June

EDIT: Please look at my latest post in this thread for update!

We are working on the next (and most likely final) iteration of moonflower, which we are dubbing the inflorescence edition. :slight_smile:

moonflower is a story game guided by tarot cards, which tell the circumstances and hardships that the pilgrims must face on their journey to the Moon. It is a short and simple game, but the inflorescence edition will be richly illustrated and laid out.

If you are familiar with its previous iteration (most likely the itch version, as it’s the only English-language version available), you may notice that there hasn’t been substantial changes. The focus of this version was on trimming and neatifying, though we are considering expansion of the games part if there are demands for it. But the most important part is the look of the book, about which we aren’t cutting corners.

That’s why we are doing a crowdfunding project for it - we want it to be as pretty and pleasing as possible and to compensate the artists who have contributed to it as fairly and justly as possible. A successful campaign would allow us to work in bigger numbers, which will help us print in higher quality. Given funding, we will request more art from our artists at rates higher than most would.

Though the book will be in both Korean and English, the creative team behind the book are all Korean. This may be the first formal introduction of a Korean-made TTRPG to the wider world, which is a source of both honor and terror. :smiley: If you could, consider backing the project - perhaps it could lead to more Korean games being brought to the English-speaking world.

Please spread the news. We are excited to do this and a wide and positive reaction would encourage us more than anything else.


Who is the team, Sangjun? Can you link to your artist’s portfolio?


The text team includes Sangjun (design and writing) and Brendon (editing and Actual Play). The layout is Kyumin’s domain. As for the illustrators, one was not keen on publicity so I think it is beyond my right to do that without prior confirmation. But thanks for the reminder! It may be a good idea to showcase their previous work, as well as current illustrations as teasers (as previously planned).

I will see whether everyone is good with the motion today. :slight_smile:


@sangjun make sure you Tweet this to me at JimLikesGames and IPR at iprtweets and we’ll signal boost for you. If it’s at all feasible to get copies into IPR, I am sure theyd love to distribute it!


While the project preparation is going along, I made a video explaining what moonflower is like and what it’s about. It’ll most likely be a series!

The voice is in Korean, but I’ve captioned it in English as well. :slight_smile:


If anyone’s wondering why there hasn’t been a link to the KS yet - we are dealing with difficulties with Kickstarter. Turns out that running a KS campaign from Korea is not easy at all. We are dealing with these issues, though, and will update this thread with a link to the KS when it is finally ready to launch (24 hours before, at the latest.)


Fantastic interview with you @sangjun on Alex Roberts’ Backstory!


moonflower’s Kickstarter campaign has been approved and it’s ready to launch. :slight_smile:

Within 24 hours after this post, I will share the link to the project. It has time-limited tiers as well as a copy-limited tier, so don’t miss out on them!


The campaign has officially begun. :slight_smile:


The time sensitive rewards are not something I had seen before… Very interesting idea.

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I believe it’s a relatively new feature on Kickstarter. Trying it out to see how it works!

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After 36 hours, we’ve hit 63% of the target across Kickstarter and Tumblbug. :open_mouth:

Please spread the news if you haven’t yet! We are greedy to do more with moonflower, but we need to make sure it pays the team adequately.