Mörk Yûl (OSR): The Doom That Came to Christmas Town - Mondays in December (8 PM EST)

The Yule-Light is dying. Perched atop its majestic evergreen tree of old, this strange gemstone tree-topper has sat for untold centuries, shining its joyful and life-giving light over the hamlet of Christmas Town. But now a malignant shadow grows within its magnificent heart. And on the advent of Christmas Eve, a sour-sweet wind blows from the north, bringing a malignant taint that threatens to end the Holiday Season. Worse yet, the champions of Lord Claus have gone missing: Yukon Cornelius, Rudolph the Red, and the the mysterious dentomancer Hermey, lost somewhere in the frozen North. Lord Claus has summoned you to search for the lost champions, find the source of the sour-sweet wind, and save Christmas Town… and the entire Holiday Season!

The Doom That Came to Christmas Town is an adventure where the PCs are characters within a 1970s-vintage network television TV special. We will be using pre-generated characters that are designed for this adventure…and you may well recognize one or more from vintage TV holiday specials!

Session One
Session Two
Session Three