Moth Children | A Vampire TTRPG by Dane Asmund - Kickstarter

I keep an eye on upcoming Kickstarters during the week in preparation of my collection. Which saw me coming across the Moth Children vampire game byof Dane Asmund.

It sparked my interest as I am very interested in Vampire games and storytelling mechanics and the project combines both. Including an approach to the mythology that I consider fresh and was quite new to me.

The game system is based on the players filling out their wheel of abilities and the storyteller having a wheel of their own with some of the difficulties noted. When a conflict occurs the numbers get compared and a result is determined. With the difficulty wheel being adjusted.

I am not sure whether I grasp it in full, but it does sound interesting.
The only thing that I might adjust would be, to maybe set the world in a fashion that vampires aren’t antagonistic to each other and got different ways of obtaining a new moth. Maybe give it a bit of a VtM reskinning ^^;

What do you think of it?

I read about this one and I am intrigued!