Muster - Advice on playing D&D the wargaming way

Eero Tuovinen has finally finished writing Muster - A Primer for War. Advice for playing D&D the wargaming way! I excitedly reported on the project in an earlier thread.

It is now available for free at DriveThruRPG.

(It’s technically pay-what-you-want so you can tip him, but he’s made it clear at DriveThruRPG and elsewhere that it’s free and free to share.)

It’s taken longer than anticipated, but it’s also grown from it’s early estimated length of 50 pages to 250+ pages! Fortunately, (1) there’s a brief manifesto at the beginning and (2) it’s been split into a basic and advanced section .

I think it’s a stellar piece of work, providing both practical advice for storygamers new to this style of play and theoretical observations and surprises for RPG aficionados in general.

Among other things, Eero offers a mature take on Chauvinism and D&D and penetrating observations about ‘The Nihilistic Void’ encroaching on long-term campaigns conducted in the wargaming way — but judge for yourself!


I haven’t read the Muster yet, but I have followed its development, and it’s a real master class in a particular way of engaging with old school D&D and similar games. I’ve been running a campaign in this style and it’s refreshing, different, and exciting. Quite the experience, if you’ve never tried it!

Eero is a very intelligent and articulate writer and his content here is informed by quite literally thousands of hours of play. Glad to see this finally complete and out in the world!