Mutate, quick!

I catch myself referencing old games all the time. Of course, many things have already been done, and it’s not bad to know of them. But how many games have you seen recently that really break the routine ? It’s been a while since I haven’t heard of Epidiah Ravachol’s last insight / prank. According to this article by Levi Kornelsen, we need more of them :

Where, on what game jam, are the petridishest game drafts, stuff to make a reader wonder “how would you play that ?” “is it even a game ?”

I don’t have an answer to that but I’ve been thinking about the arbitrary limitations we construct around games lately as I try to figure out how to promote The Hallowed Walk - having a game using a story-prompt type mechanic that is played outside while going on a walk turns out to be quite tricky when so many gaming communities include “tabletop” right there in the name and although this is a game that would appeal to people in those groups it is explicitly not a tabletop game. It’s not a board game either, and although it is technically a card game again people don’t tend to think about playing those outside or incorporating them into their walks.

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