My Cute Monsters: a free pbta-esque game to play Lilo & Stitch. Humans roll dice, monsters eat candy

Published my first game on itch! It’s a cute game with some twists, and it’s been really fun to play.

Here’s a link, and here’s a blurb.

You and your monster are becoming best friends, but somebody’s trying to take them away.

My Cute Monsters is a 2-page tabletop role-playing game for 3 - 6 players, inspired by media like Lilo & Stitch, E. T. , and How to Train Your Dragon .

You’ll need at least 1 Human, 1 Monster, and a Director.

The game is built on the Apocalypse Engine created by Vincent and Meguey Baker, with a twist. Humans roll dice, monsters eat candies–pulling from a mix of sweets and sours (or chocolates and spicy hearts, etc.)

Interlocking asymmetric mechanics encourage the humans and monsters to interact, making problems for each other, and solving them together.

My Cute Monsters is designed to work as a one shot, but could be expanded to multiple sessions.