My game about space truckers, Rust Hulks, is live on Kickstarter!

Hi, hello!

My RPG, Rust Hulks, is live on Kickstarter! It’s a lo-fi sci-fi game about playing a crew of space truckers aboard a big rusty spaceship.

The game is Powered by the Apocalypse; there’s a focus on messy interpersonal relationships, fast and smooth gameplay, and unplanned, systems-driven stories. In Rust Hulks, you’ll pick up jobs, haul cargo, have run-ins with the law, and generally spend a lot of time getting into and out of trouble. Everything is used, rusted, worn-down, and cobbled together from scrap and spare parts.

You also get to build a ship together, as a crew, and then grow and expand and alter it over time. In addition to the mechanical elements of this, you also get to draw your ship! Each player will draw one or two rooms—like the helm or the engines—and then you’ll fit them together as a group. As you play, you’ll erase and redraw and add on bits and pieces, so after a few sessions, your ship will be layered and varied and kind of a mess—just like the ship actually would be. There are some example ships on the Kickstarter page, but here’s a ship that my playtesters flew over the course of about three sessions, if you want a proper example.

Over the course of a campaign of Rust Hulks, your ship and your crew will grow and change alongside each other. At its core, the game is really about a group of people going into stressful and demanding situations, together, and then seeing how their stuff, their relationships, and they themselves change because of it.

If you’ve got any questions, I’d be happy to answer them.

Here’s the link to the page: Rust Hulks!

Thanks for reading!


I saw your post on reddit and I’m super interested in this! I get some definite Heavy Metal animated movie vibes from what you’ve described which is awesome. I’m keeping an eye on this for sure.


Glad to hear you’re excited!