Mystic Agent Werefox Spy (June Playtest 2 Shot)

Mystic Agent Werefox Spy (June Playtest 2 Shot)

Mystic Agent Werefox Spy is a PBTA roleplaying game set in a fictional version of Cold War Europe in the year 1970.
Your group creates a collaborative journey involving necromancy, espionage & shapeshifters.

Meatballs=Shapeshifters, Spaghetti Pasta=John Le Carre Cold War Espionage, Sauce=Necromancy.

Concept : Esoteric Espionage in 1970 Europe - Stuttgart.
Aim : Werefoxes exploring the shadows of Stuttgart beset by supernatural factions.
Subject : Conspiracy, Diplomacy, Necromancy, Protection, Secrets, Shapeshifters.
Tone : Shades of Gray. Everyone has multiple goals and secrets.

You are Werefox Agents working for Augen (Eyes) for West German Government (Bundesrepublik Deutschland).
Necromancy is on the rise in the Intelligence and Supernatural communities.
Everyone has a Secret Contact or Boss – A member of CIA, KGB, or a Supernatural creature.

Most citizens of Europe do not know about the existence of Supernatural creatures or Necromancy. One of your roles is to keep it that way.

Agency : Augen
Usual Cover - Customs Department for West Germany.

Augen Objectives :

  • Retire : Supernatural threats to the citizens of Europe.
  • Investigate : Activities, influence & presence of Supernaturals.
  • Protect : Innocent citizens of Europe from activities & influence of Supernaturals.
  • The game will be recorded on Youtube.
  • THE X-CARD will also be in use.

Professions : Analyst, Burglar, Executioner, Forger, Infiltrator, Transporter.
Tone: The tone is shades of grey.

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