Need a good term for an adventure framework


Working on a project and I’d like to provide gamemasters with one-page adventure outlines, each presenting the storyline for a single adventure, with suggested location, scene framework, suggested NPCs, and ideas on how to tweak the adventure for use in their particular campaign.

The idea being the gamemaster would look at the single page of content and grok the overall story line, the beats they need to hit, places they can modify for their own uses, and ideas on key situations and key NPCs. All with the idea of giving them more tools in their toolbox and helping to save on their precious preparation time.

It’ll be more detailed than a one-paragraph plot hook, but less detailed than a full module or adventure. What the heck do I call this thing? Adventure Framework, Shell, Frame, Foundation, Hook, Briefing…?



How about Dungeon Starter?


This particular project is for a narrative-focused science fiction setting. Dungeon wouldn’t quite work. :slight_smile:


I would just call it a “scenario”.


Adventure One-Sheet maybe? Savage Worlds uses this term.


Scenario Starter perhaps?


I second scenario!!!


For that sort of size I personally tend to use the term adventure starter


The first thing I thought of was: Abstract


Uncharted Worlds uses “jump point” for its prompt-based scenario frameworks, so some riff on that?


re - ? Adventure Framework, Shell, Frame, Foundation, Hook, Briefing…?

I think Framework because its a collection of suggestions about tone, setting, style and story arc

  • Briefing is what the recruiter/quest giver has with the pcs
  • Hook is what the recruiter/quest giver tempts the pcs with
  • Foundation implies its only one dimension, eg only setting or only story arc

Another option is Palette - you are not painting a finished adventure, but providing some colors for them to make with a guided tone, style and story.